Prompted Writing

Sometimes, we all just need a little direction…

I’m literally going to Google creative writing prompts and pick one.  But I feel like this could be something MORE than that, so here’s what I propose:

Let’s make this a game…

Each week I plan on doing 1 prompted creative writing post, and I’ll find the prompts by following some random path such as- “type ‘wacky creative writing prompts’ into Google, click the 3rd link (if it’s ‘safe’ of course), and choose the 6th prompt you find”… I’ll write the first one, but then I implore you to respond with your own in the comments!  I have no intention of stealing your ideas; everything you write is totally your property.  I am just truly interested in the stories you could tell (remember- I love books!), and I think it’d be cool.  Plus, it’d give us all an opportunity to comment and share thoughts which I know will improve everyone who is trying to become a better writer.  And, if at any time you’d like to suggest a random path for us to follow on our creative writing journey, let me know!

So, whether or not you decide to play along, I hope you enjoy the stories.


2-12 –  Sci-Fi Writing- “PersonaBots”