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The birth of the “Oopsy Poopsy”

Why not start my first actual ‘free-write’ topic with something that is widely popular in my house- farts and poop.  You’d think I was a “Boymom” with how often these subjects are discussed, but, alas, I am not.  No, it is my 7 year old DAUGHTER who is practically obsessed with farts and poop and how funny they are… Personally, I blame her aunt and uncle, but who knows, my husband and I could be equally to blame… either way… here we go.  (*Sidenote- when she gets older and reads all of my posts, she will probably kill me… stay tuned for approximately 7-10 years to find out!)


Like most families this winter, sickness has ravaged the Cox household- from flu to strep to the stomach bug- all have made their way in and out of the house.  On the most recent bout of stomach illness, young Lydia found herself in a situation most small children with the stomach bug are faced with- that moment when they think it’s just a fart, but, because this is the stomach bug and takes no prisoners, they end up with far more than they bargained for, and, being young, they are not quite prepared for this kind of surprise.  Young Lydia is no different than the millions of other children who have been faced with what is now formerly known as “The Surprise Poopy”.

It was a, seemingly, normal Sunday for the Cox family, but in the midst of watching her dad play video games, it happened, and there was no avoiding it.   She was honestly right to trust that it would just be a fart- she’d passed the point of not keeping food down and was on the road to recovery.  However, fate had other things in store for her and this family.  After the aftermath and subsequent clean-up, Mom went into overdrive, checking her temperature, making sure her stomach was fine because, after all, there was still school tomorrow, and if at all possible, she was going.

Against what many other people would have done, Mom sent her to school and prayed to everything holy that Lydia would make it through the day without incident.  On the way home, Mom was like a police detective- “how was your day? Did you eat lunch? Did you keep it down? How’s your stomach feeling now?”

“Mom, I’m fine,” she said, quite annoyed, “why are you asking all these questions?”

“Well, I was worried all day that your stomach might act funny, and then you would have a surprise poopy, and that wouldn’t have been good to happen at school.”

“My stomach didn’t hurt- it’s fine.  I didn’t have an accident, and I ate my lunch.  But, you really shouldn’t call it a surprise poopy because surprises are good, and this type of poop is not good.  They should really be called ‘oopsy poopsys’ because they are like an ‘oops!’ poop and not a surprise, and it rhymes!”

Laughing uncontrollably, “That is so true!”


And so, on that day, the 5th of February in the year 2018,

the “oopsy poopsy” was born.