A Call to Action

I’m such a slacker. I know.

But, at some level, aren’t we all in some things?

In reality, I’d prefer not to slack on my writing, but given the current state of our educational system, my ass is being handed to me left and right, so I don’t have any choice but to slack on my hobby and not the thing that pays me to live. Sad day.

What’s also sad is my brain is soo occupied with education and how perverse my profession has become, that it is hard to think about anything else to write about.  Like, how did we get here? Really?

I remember LOVING school.  That’s the whole reason I wanted to be a teacher.  Now, I’m trying to convince children, including my own biological child, why school is amazing… but sometimes, I think I’m trying to convince myself… because the more I think about it…

School isn’t amazing anymore.

It sucks.

It sucks for the students. It sucks for the teachers.  It sucks for the principals.

It sucks for everyone.

It. Just. Sucks.

And I don’t see that changing anytime soon,

but since I dedicated thousands of dollars and many years of my life to become an educator, I’m stuck in this sucky system that is destroying our children’s love of learning.

Today, I saw a little bit of hope in one of my freshman as I explained to her that the current system will continue to be the current system until parents, students, teachers, and every educator stands up and says ENOUGH and takes back their classroom.  I explained the same thing is true about anything you want to change.  You have to stand up and fight for that change without sounding like a toddler in a grocery store throwing a fit.  You have to get everyone on board, and you have to stand firm until you are heard.

That’s what the surviving students of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas HS and students in surrounding areas are doing; they’re marching; they’re demanding action; and while some might think it’s useless, some prominent NRA supporting politicians have changed their tune.


Because there is nothing scarier than the future generation rising up against a broken system.

And that’s what needs to happen.  Students, parents, teachers, etc… everywhere need to stand up for what is right for their education, and I’m not really talking about gun control- that’s a whole separate issue- I’m talking about with their education.  There are so many things we complain about, but no one does anything about it.

You hate Common Core?

You hate Standardized Testing?

You hate how schools are too afraid to stand up to parents in support of their teachers?

You hate that some students are treated better than others because of where they’re from or what sports they play?

You hate being micromanaged by your administrators?

You hate ridiculous dress codes that put you all in a box?

You hate going to a place where you feel like today might be your last because someone might kill you?

You hate having classes over-packed with students because no one will provide the money to adequately staff a school?

You hate districts only caring about how you perform on tests compared to other schools rather than if the students are truly learning?

You hate constantly dreading going to a place that seems to suck out your soul the moment you cross the threshold?




It’s easy to complain behind closed doors, we’ve been doing that for years.  What’s not easy is putting yourself out there for the good of our future, but that’s what we need, and we need it now.  We need students and their parents and their teachers and everyone to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and take back education from the politicians and agencies who have spent too long turning it into a test-driven system it is today.

It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen from one walk out.  You need to be persistent.

Your state giving a standardized test?  Stay home.  They won’t hold all million of you back a year; they can’t afford or have the staffing to do so.

You hate ridiculous school rules and policies? Collectively, as a student body, take it to the school board.  Yours and your parents’ voices are literally the most important and influential thing to them.

You hate people in power abusing that power and making you constantly feel bad?  Band together and speak out against them.  They can’t fire all of you, and it’d be very hard for them to make all of your lives difficult all at once without looking suspicious.

If you hate these things and more, stop being a coward.

Say something.

I’m sick of trying to rile up teachers and students only for them to chicken out at the last minute.  It’s irritating.

We are all victims of the current education system and those that make laws and policies about it, so I know we’re all made of tougher stuff than this.

1 person alone can’t do it.  An entire country of angry students, teachers, parents, etc… oh you best believe change would be a coming, and anything, at this point, would be for the better.

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