The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



Something about this little default post made me think, ‘well, if that’s not true, then I’m not sure what is’, so I decided to keep it right up there just to remember that this whole thing has started.  Plus, it’s kind of a pretty picture… anyways…

It’s funny how when you FINALLY decide to put yourself out there, it’s after meticulous research and a boat-load of doubt… gahhh the doubt…. and then you don’t even really listen to it in the end.  When I finally, almost, decided to start writing seriously, I read countless posts on ‘where to begin’ and ‘finding your niche’ and none of it seemed to speak to me. So, naturally, I just kept on reading more posts about ‘where to begin’ and ‘finding your niche’, and the only thing that I could really pick out of there was that I just needed to write, and that’s really what this all comes down to- just writing… which happens to be the one thing I didn’t really have the cojones to actually do despite my brain always bursting with things to say.  Because if I’m being honest, and I feel like that is one of my finer qualities, I was just putting off the inevitable as I had been doing for the better part of a decade, and while I had always been willing to accept that, I had also never been willing to do something about it…

until now…

I’ve set out to challenge myself to write and get good at it.  I want to tell stories, and I want to leave that impact on readers like I have found for myself at the end of countless texts.  My goal is to write every day for at least 10 minutes.  That’s it.  Just write for 10 minutes.  It is not my intention to bore you with my day to day activities, but rather share experiences that hopefully you can relate to.  If anything, I have 7 years of teaching and motherhood experience that have given me countless ammo with which to entertain you.

It’s funny how when you stop overthinking things like ‘where do I begin’ and ‘what is my niche’, you figure it all out.

I begin right here, and my niche is to entertain.

Maybe in the future that will shift and change, but for now,

 here it goes.




PS- That was almost 20 minutes.  Good start!

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